affiliate MEMBERSHIP

When you become an affiliate, you join a historic movement to improve education provision in this country.

Affiliate organisations come from all over the country, including CLPs as well as Labour Party and trade union branches.

By contributing a £50 annual membership, you help advance a socialist vision for education both within the Labour Party and nationally. 

Not only are you joining an incredible community of educators and thinkers,
you’ll also be able to:

Take action on our campaigns

Institutions are invited to co-sign statements of solidarity and encourage their members to take part in education-related actions around the country.

Give Back Our Schools is our main campaign which aims to restore democratic control over our schools and rebuild links with their local communities, by resisting academisation.

Influence Labour Party policies on education

We give you the information you need to submit motions to your local SEA or Labour party branch about proposals that will shape the Labour Party’s policies on education.

Attend SEA events

You’re invited to join free and regular events. From our annual memorial lecture in honour of the late socialist education campaigner Caroline Benn, to film screenings of documentaries to our general meeting, where we discuss and deliberate our radical vision for education.

Receive an annual journal and any other publications

Education Politics features writing from teachers and thinkers on education policy on a range of topics, from adding climate change to the curriculum to reflections on Ofsted.

Read and contribute to our fortnightly blog

Our blogs cover all things education, from socially just schooling to an approach to assessment and accountability that is genuinely in the best interests of learners.


Register your interest in affiliating with the SEA and we will be in touch soon.